Marc Terenzi im Interview

Marc Terenzi im Interview

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„Die Leute denken, sie wissen, was ich machen kann – sie haben ja keine Ahnnung“, sagt Marc Terenzi. Der Musiker, Performer und Reality-TV-Darsteller. Mit der Show Mantastic Sixxpaxx ist er live am 26. Februar in der MuK zu erleben. Er antwortet lieber englisch – also englisch…

piste: Hast Du einen Lieblingsdrink?
I love Water and Cola Zero.

piste: Warst Du schonmal in Lübeck?
I have been there before a few times. I think I have been everywhere in Germany over my 20 years touring here :-)

piste: Wo ist momentan Dein Lebensmittelpunkt?
The stage is my lebensmittelpunkt. I am on tour all year so I try to make traveling as comfortable as possible. I am only at home not many days during the year but in the future I will change that more. Taking more time for myself and my family.

piste: Welches wäre Deine Wahlheimat?
Spain, America or Thailand

piste: Was sind Deine nächsten Projekte?
I have a few big projects coming up, I am releasing new music called „Pony” and I will continue to return to music in the future, I am on tour with Sixxpaxx that starts February 1st and travels all around Europe. We have the whole summer season in Mallorca and Ibiza with many different live shows. I will create some other new shows in the future that will go out tour in Germany and change many of the entertainment we see today. Of course more TV this year for people to be able to see me more.

piste: Wie zufrieden bist Du?
I am actually very happy at the moment. This year will be an amazing year and I have been waiting for a year like this to come for a very long time. Everyone has there ups and downs…This year is a MAJOR up. I will be doing exactly what I wanted to for a very long time.

piste: Was wünschst Du Dir für Deine Zukunft?Success and happiness both on stage and in business and also in my private live at home. Finding the balance in life.

piste: Was möchtest Du unseren Piste Lesern und Leserinnen sagen?
I can’t wait to see everyone soon and I promise to continue to perform in the future with great music and bring you many other new exciting and crazy shows and ideas. The future will be amazing and me and my team will try to break the rules bring new ideas to the stage. People think they know what I can do… they have no idea


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